The above video from the Digital Enterprise Research Institute (DERI) explains the principle of social sensing. But the definition social sensing isn’t limited to gathering data with mobile phones only.  Mining and aggregating user inputs and content over multiple social networking sites is also a form of social sensing.

Social sensing can be a powerfull tool for journalists and news centers. For example the Hudson Bay plane crash had been tweeted for minutes after the crash including pictures. It took more than a quarter before showing up on regular news channels. tweet_hudsonhudson_plane_crash

The Social Sensor project funded by the EU is aiming to use this kind of information. The original statement is written below.

SocialSensor will develop a new framework for enabling real-time multimedia indexing and search in the Social Web.

Furthermore social sensing is  used to provide more accurate and up-to-data media experiences. The recommandations provided by Spotify are provided using a form of social sensing.  They look for trending toppics, combined with your user data to serve you the music you’ll most likely approve. This kind of technology is influencing our day to day living in my opinion. In the future it’s possible we will all have our own advisor based on social sensing and big data algorithm’s to provide us insight in possible choices and trying to influence us to make the best choice.. according to the opinion of the designers.SocialSensorBannerSmallFINAL