Almost everyone know that cookies collect data as you browse the web. This personal data is mainly used for advertising purposes and thus your user data is worth money. How much do you tink your user data is worth? Well if you want to buy anonymous user data sold in large amounts, it’s dirt cheap. Prices are as low as $0.005 per user profile. My next post will discuss the value of your user data.


In this post well go into detail on one specific case. The case of a German politician (Spitz, TED talk) who asked his telecom provider the six month of phone data that is stored as obligated by the German law. This information was mapped with freely available information on the internet like his tweets and blogs and cookie information.

Check out this website that provides a detailed look into these 6 months in the life of Spitz. It’s surprising how much detailed information is available. What do you think about user data collection?I think it’s something to reckon and important to be aware of. However it’s also something that’s nearly unavoidable these days and delivers many benefits to our daily lives and economy. A lot of free services are only usable because of our user data we share when using it.