One of the most known applications using ultrasound sensors is the park assist. Or if we take it one step further the automatic parking system. Park assist systems mostly use ultrasound sensors or cameras to scan the road in 2 dimensions to gather accurate distance information. This system simplifies life especially for people who have problems with parking cars. However with these system the drivers abilities to park himself will drop considerably.  The automotive sector is increasingly relying on sensors to improve safety and comfort. At low speed ultrasound sensors and cameras are used. At high speed most systems rely on RADAR-systems. For more information about the different systems you can read this paper.


Also these systems are used to provide information on the display about the surroundings making it possible to detect objects in otherwise invisible regions. This gives the possibility to designers to change the normal view of a car. For example improving the aerodynamics by replacing the mirrors with cameras.


Sensor based cars will eventually lead to self-driving cars available for consumers. In today’s world smartphone and tablet makers turn out new models every year because the consumers became tech-hungry. Will the same phenomenon apply to cars as well in the future? What do you think? I think consumers will expect the latest technology and newest systems in their cars. This means a new automotive landscape and probably new business models in the automotive world.