Here is the new innovation in interactive computing:

The LEAP motion.

It is a small device that can be connected to your laptop by a simple USB plug, next you install the added software and you can start controlling your pc with hand gestures. You can download a lot of applications and games from their own app store to get the full benefit of the Leap.

It uses two monochromatic IR cameras and three infrared LEDs. The LEDs send out a dotted pattern of invisible IR light and then the cameras take pictures (over 200 frames per second) to detect movement.

Here you see a HP laptop with the leap build-in, it looks very nice and is already for sale in the United States of America. Now just hope they will sell it in Belgium soon.

So apart from the huge ‘wow’ factor, I think it can introduce a revolution in the computer industry. The first thing I think of is the medical sector; they are already using robots during some operations. How great would it be if a surgeon could control a robot that executes all his motions which were captured by a Leap? This could make it possible to perform a surgery over internet. Nowadays when you have a rare condition, you need to travel miles and miles to be treated by a specialist. Then you could get this treatment in your local hospital.


What do you guys think about my idea of surgery over internet? Or better yet, who of you could give me another example how a Leap can improve our life?