Tile is a sensor application for the localization of lost things. It’s an example of sensor localization appearing in our nowadays lives. Tile will influence the life of the people using it. Connecting a Tile to your keys and you never have to search them again… unless you lost your smartphone. Tile is using an application on your smartphone to visualize the localization of your lost object. You can even play lost and found with sound guidance when you come closer to your object.

Using Tile basically makes you more dependent on technology. Without it you still have to remember where you left your keys which is a basic brain activity. Using Tile this brain activity is going to happen less, influencing the way our brain develops.  Already over 2,6 billion us dollars of tiles are pre-ordered.

Did I mention other people with Tile can help you find your lost objects by just passing close to them? Check out the video below and let me know what you think of Tile!